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Dead like me

1) I think I might be in love with a very good friend of mine... he know I like him, he tells me I ccant hide it but I just tell him he has a big ego.

2)I have a boyfriend who after almost 6 years has changed his mind about marriage.. I don't ever want to get married... I don't what it and well its like a deal breaker for me. Why ruin this I mean I like the way things are...uuuugggggg

3)I find my older sister to be fucking annoying she thinks she funny ane really its because she's high!! Why is it when ppl are high they are the coolest people they know?????

4)I miss my ex sometimes.. I don't want to be with him I just miss the old days now a days he a fucking D bag... and really sexy tho!!

5) I lie al the time about my mom I've been telling people for years she's dead when really she not.. she's just dead to me and at all coSt I stay away from here no matter what...I haven't seen her in almost 8 yeafr and I'm only 25!

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