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...Happy Feet?

1. I'm a middle schooler. When I was little, I was on the Internet in a different room in my house. The TV was on in my parents dark, scary bedroom. I went in that room and a trailer for Happy Feet was on. The music scared me, and at the end "Happy Feet" was in spaced out letters. I couldn't sleep for a week.

2. I showed my breasts to a man over MSN and he said he REALLY wanted to suck on them and kiss them.

3. I seen a vagina for the first time in fourth grade. It was on the Internet and it was a blond woman. I thought it looked weird and didn't look like mine. My dad caught me.

4. I love messing with my breasts roughly like someone's trying to keep me down to a bed.

5. I fucked my self with an extra thick Sharpie in my ass. I loved and still do it now (I'm a girl.)

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