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Death is not cheap

1. Well, first off I hate being fat, though I don't look it, I'm really 240 pounds. I look like 200. But either way, I don't wear a size 3 and I still get called names and picked at... I'm 23. I wish I could afford liposuction or death.

2. I'm also a doormat. People use me until I'm exausted and still want more. Then when I'm tapped, I'm a "shitty friend". I really wanna stab those people in the back as they have done me, or worse.

3. I called child services on a friend because she left crushed vicodin where her 3 year old could play with it. They dropped the case but now I think she's back on meth. she's 19 and totally stupid when it comes to the real world. She tried to steal my friends, so I played dirty and turned them against her. I hate living above her in this apartment. SNATCH.

4. I'm love my fiancĂ©e but I never wanna have sex with him anymore. We have a 6 month old son. But I seldomly want sex period now.

5. I still love the one ex boyfriend that cheated on me. Right in front of me. I still have dreams that we are together and are happy this time.
             These are my damn dilemmas. What's a fat chick to do?

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