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Ditch the mask

1. I am 21 and have no life, not even a single friend, everybody seems too happy and busy with their lives..the only thing i have is a pretty face which is my least of interests

2. I am dying to have a nice healthy relationship regardless of my OH I DUN NEED A GUY TO BE HAPPY mask

3. Every guy i met since the last 2 years says im the type of girl they would like to take home to their mother, they do everything to impress me n when i do start liking them each one of them ran away

4. I have starting to believe that you have to be a class less whore for guys to stick to you, i dun want to change myself but i have stopped believing in any guy.

5. My last bf even left me pregent and with the responsibility of an abortion, i am so devastated by all this that i really pray for this all to be over, i dunno wht wrong am i doing....

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