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Hubby doesn't know what he's got

1. I really want a tattoo but my husband does not want me to get one. He has one and mine would be a small sparrow but he thinks it is stupid. He thinks everything I like is lame.
2. I get hit on all day at work but I wish my husband would hit on me damn it. I do not feel attractive at all around him and I feel like he thinks I am a dork lol.
3. I wish I could have a pet racoon.
4. I miss my mom who  died 2 years ago from breast cancer. I foundoutshe was going to die the day aftermy wedding and spent myhoneymoon in a hospice. She died wheni was 25. I am 27.
5. I wish I could quit my job and work at a doggie day care. Animals bring me such asincere purejoy unlike anything I have ever felt.

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