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I wish I had three best friends

1.) My sister and mom think I'm gay (I'm a girl). I'm not. I don't so much care that my sister thinks that, but I fucking hate my mom for thinking it.

2.) I hate my mom. We haven't spoken in months (I'm sixteen, was fifteen when this started). I'll never forgive her for skipping out on my childhood. Fucking bitch.

3.) I'm a virgin, but I want to have sex. And not just to have sex. I know exactly who I want to have sex with. He's my best friend. I love him to death and beyond (note I'm not IN LOVE with him).

4.) My best friend (who just recently moved to Oklahoma) is coming to stay with me for a whole month in a few days. I'm not really sure if I want her here..

5.) My other best friend has this one Uncle. Well, we all got drunk one night and he kissed me (he's almost 30). If I hadn't gone to bed I think he would've fucked me. Thank God I got REALLY tired all of a sudden...

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