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Homo agnitio agnitius

* I am overjoyed when any man shows interest in me.  I have a wonderful boyfriend but I just can't stop trying to impress other men.
* Tonight while I was at work I had two guys come and start in depth conversation with me.  I loved it. I love talking about sex and that's what it eventually lead to.
* I work at a motel so these two guys are guest and have been for a week now.  I thought one was super hot and he was so shy.  The other one was cute too, but not as cute as the first one.  Wow, that first guy is so hot.  However, I can have both of them if I want them.
* Eventually I ended up showing these guys my secrets on, showing them naked photos of me, going to their room and smoking with them, and even before I went back to work I kissed both of them.  Oh yeah, my boyfriend was due to come see me at work at any time.
* Not sure why I get so excited when someone shows interest in me, but I am definantly going to get some of that man.  I can't get him out of my head now.  The second one really wants me, but if I can get out of fucking him I will just to get guy number 1.  I don't want to date him, I just want to fuck him once before he goes back home.  I WILL fuck him before he goes home.  Oh yeah, when he finishes his job in town he won't want to leave.

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