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Gringa caliente

1) I plan to marry a mexican. I  also have fantasies about the mexican that cuts my grass raping me. I think that mexican's are the best because their dick isn't too small or too big and theyy can speak a whole nother language and that turns me on! ( even though I know spanish)

2) I love pussy,, and cocks. I have to give a blow job at least three times a week or i go crazy.

3) I pretend to be depressed and crap so people will pay more attention to me. But i don't know why, because I have a ton of friends.

4) I stalk this guy that is half mexican and half black. I think i'm obsessed.

5) I want to go to an all girls college to have 4 years of experimenting with girls before I go into a real career. I am bisexual but only a couple people know. I think I prefer women over man somedays.

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