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Not necessarily a time-consuming habit...

1) I am bisexual and the girl that "pretends to be my wifeyy" is secretly my lover.

2) I have fantasies about getting raped. Expecially by older, hotter men.

3) I think my friends dad is extremely hot and he is in his 40's or something. I would love to have him cheat on his current wife with me.

4) I found a vibrator in my moms room. It was creepy and the next day when I went back to see it, it was wrapped in a different towel. WHEN DOES SHE HAVE THE TIME!!!

5) I am addicted to porn and i'm only a teenager. I really get turned on by guy on guy porn. When ever i almost get caught, i blame my oldest brother,who is too big  of a punk so snicth because I can black mail him.

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