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The guilty philanderer

1.)  I cheated on my wonderful wife.  I didn't appreciate her before but I do now and I hate myself for the way I am.

2). It is possible to be in love with two people at once.  I never belived that but I do now.  One girl is a whore but we connect on a different level and I love her still regardless od the stupid decisions she makes.  Its been awhile but I fall in love with her evertime we talk and we haven't slept together in months.  We probably never will again but its a look that wrecks my world when I see her.

3). I love my wife and I hate that I hurt her.  I don't sleep around anymore but the guilt carries over more than u can imagine.  I love her and I love making her happy.

4). I'm humble and shy but at the same time I can be confident and egotistical.  That's what draws women to me and I thrive on the attention.

5). I'm gonna love my wife forever. I mean forever but I'm scared I can't be faithful cause of other women who wanna know the real me!

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