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Potty secrets

1 I'm on a toilet Shitting writing this shit
2 I'm never around my wife but half a year cause I work away
3 my wife is pissing me off drinking all the time. Getting fucked up and having mood swings
4 I know she's not happy but I do everything I can for her although I'm an Ass but I'm not abusive I love my kids. Like right now I'm in a motel in new Orleans with my wife and step daughter on a weekend that was ment just for me and wife
5 I'm stressed worrying about wife drinking bills and life something has gotta give


  1. Give it time. Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

  2. Hi my potty man I love you ...and she totally fucked up our trip...I didn't drink today ...yea for me....but u can b a royal pain in the Ass my love!!!! I'll work on the drinking my love ...

    Love your wife....


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