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Hang around, it really does get better

1. I only feel safe when I'm with my best friend. It kinda makes me wish I hadn't passed up my chance to date him...But he's happily taken now. So I just stand on the sideline hoping for the best for them.
2. I plan on committing suicide on my 21st birthday. Only 3 more years of this hell they call Earth.
3. My therapist offered to help me quit cutting. I turned the offer down. Cutting's all I've got left in this world.
4. Not only do I contemplate suicide daily now, but I also contemplate homicide daily now. The only thing that kept me from murdering for this long was only because of my fear of going to Hell...But honestly I couldn't care less if I go to Hell now.
5. For awhile I thought that me failing my recent suicide attempt was a sign that my dead best friend was looking out for me and didn't want me to die yet...Now I think I failed just because God wanted to watch me suffer a little longer.

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