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Unfinished business

1.I have a 2 year old son who is my world and slightly spoiled...which I believe is because of the way my mother abused me and my sibling verbally And physically most of our life's and this is why I will do what ever it takes to not let him anywhere near her..and don't go there about how people change, f that she will always be trash.

2. it drives me so freaking crazy that my older sister somehow forgets all the shit we've Ben through and let our mom walk all over her and her family non stop....

3. I honestly hate sex... I hate the whole sweating grossness. About it. I find it easier and less of a mess to do it myself if you know what I mean.

4. I still have a thing for my ex.. I might act like I don't but I really do.. I feel like we have unfinished business or something like that.

5. I'm really jealous of one of my cousins who has it all and downtown have to work for it because her maid is a push over and really believes she is unstable...she's not she just fucking lazy.

*bonus * I just want love. Nothing else matters to me and I really mean that from the core of my heart...I just want to love and be loved back. With no Bullshit..come home and night and hold me and i'll do the rest!

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