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If you did it you wouldn't be seeing any reactions

1. I despise and hate my sister for having kids and getting married before me. She's two years younger, dated the guy I liked in high school, had her son with him. Then ended up dating, marrying and having another kid with a different Guy I liked. She stole my wedding colors, and ideas.. I hate her..

2. I'm seeing two guys. One has a girlfriend, who he has been with for 5 years. He says he misses me all the time. The other Guy, he's just to be with.

3. I've tried to commit suicide 3 times. Everyday I think about doing it again, to see peoples reactions.

4. I was addicted to ecstasy. Was a drug dealer. Ruined a lot of military careers. and all for a Guy that turned around and married my friend.

5. I send dirty pics to strangers. It turns me on.

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  1. You can send me dirty pics if you


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