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I've heard of crack whores, but this one is new...

1) I love watching porn...good looking people, large and thick cocks and big boobs really turn me on. Toys and vibrators are a must!
2) I want to have sex for an entire the kitchen, on the floor, on the stairs
3) It turns me on to think about having a large, thick cock inside my pussy and another one inside my ass. A girl...would have to just be there to take care of me...cuz both cocks are for me!
4) Wonder about a threesome (with another guy) but I get really nervous just to think having a strange cock inside me
5) I am a cock whore...I have a fucking AMAZING sex life and a huge cock who fucks my pussy like there is no tomorrow
Bonus: when I was in my late teens, I wanted to wait till marriage to have sex...I am so fucking happy I did not do that because I can't go a day without cock (or my pussy licks juices)

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