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Only human

5) I want to be something other than human so least then I could say my faults and flaws were my own and not because I'm "only human".

4) Sometimes I wish I could fall through my tv screen and into a different world, I'd love to be in a different time and place, where the story has a purpose.

3) I've given up drugs, hoping he'll want me more now that I'm clean. That's just wishful thinking though, he only contacts me when he's drunk, and I don't believe in fairytales anymore.

2) I wish I could find a way to have sex more often, but I'm too self conscious and I don't want to renew my whore reputation. I've set a rule for myself, no sex outside of a stable relationship, but I don't want to have a steady relationship when I'm going to leave for college in a year. Such an awesome case of the Catch 22s. Too bad masturbation isn't my style, I miss the physical contact more than anything...

1) Having my secrets posted on this site earlier was exhilarating, I felt more alive than I had in several months(:

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