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Just Curious

1) i'm afraid one day the man of my life is going to leave me. i know he would never but then, you never know either. everyone tells me that he is a truthful man and they all see it in his eyes that he loves me with every heart beat. But i'm still afraid of one day losing him. he is the air that i breathe. i would kill myself if he wasn't in my life. Please, if your reading this, know that i love you with all my heart.

2) i've always wanted to know how it would feel like to be with a girl. i've always thought it was sexy. i'm not a lesbian or anything just curious. i wonder if they're more of a gentle lover then men. i wonder how it would feel to eat another girls pussy or have mine been eaten out. i would never do it because i love my boyfriend. but the idea is always there.

3) i think my life is perfect. my boyfriend and i live together, just bought a nice little house just for the two of us, we have good income, no kids, we always have sex every night or before work in the morning, we have never cheated on each other (Our friends are the same group of people) we never get into arguments and if we do we always laugh about it and joke around, girls always hit on him but he brushes them off or tells them to fuck off (my friends all tell me about it) we have been together for 10 years ever since grade 10. maybe that is why i'm afraid he will leave me because we do the same things over and over again....

4)  .... i hate people. i love my friends but i hate them too because it's just drama with them. they always come to me with their problems and i fucking hate it. i wish never new them. i wish i never had friends. friends are just problems and it's the same shit every time. if you think about it, you don't really need them.

5) my boyfriend is rough in bed. i wish he wasn't. he makes me cum all the time but after we go to bed or work i finger myself some more because it feels good the way i do it. i masterbate 4 to 6 times a day. my boyfriend doesn't know it.

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