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Seeking reassurance

1. i have a thing with a school mate. he is hot. but he also very popular in the school. we have quite alot of common friends but very little know we actually know each other and have a thing. because i want to keep it a secret. i badly want to tell those people like hey, i have something with this super hot guy.

2. we went out twice only. and he didn't contact me. when we were out, he had a girlfriend. and now he is single, he doesn't want to go out with me. i date him couple of few times but he ended up giving me excuses. i know he doesn't want to entertain me anymore but i just cant help keep missing him. how?! i am so afraid he is turned off me... though i know he already did!

3. i really fucking miss him alot !! i miss how he kiss me, i miss how he hugs me, i miss how he touch me. the more i say, the more i miss !!!

4. i have a lot of girlfriends who are such bitches. i am a guy-attractor and whenever i go, there will be some guys attracted by me. and those girls who are around me, won't fail to be a bitch and make things worse for me like making me shameless or making me look like shit in front of the guys. get a life bitches.

5. i need some cute guys or at least some guys who i think is okay with me to flirt with me. i am thirsty for it ahhhh...

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