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1. I think about suicide daily.
2. I've tried to commit suicide twice.
3. I'm only a sixteen year old guy and I've tried and abused marijuana, metamphetamine, cocaine, shrooms, ketamine, and heroin.
4. I overdosed last month on over ten ounces of meth so I quit for my sister.
5. She means the world to me and I couldn't bear to see her tears when she thought I was going to die.

*Bonus* I'm in love with a girl and I'm not sure she's IN love with me but she always tells me she loves me. She has a boyfriend already and she loves him too. I've helped her through so much stuff and she says I'm her guardian angel because I'm always protecting her and I love her no matter what. I want to be with her but I don't want her to break up with her boyfriend just to be with me because I'm not that type of person and he's an alright guy and I know what it feels like to be fucked over so I don't want that for him. Any advice?

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