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Preacher's Boy

1) I've stolen money from the church offering every Sunday for 18 years, my dad's the pastor
2) I did the devils deed with my friend's mom at church
3) my family makes over $200k a year, less than half is legit
4) I had a friend that caught me having sex and threatened to tell the church so I killed his dog and informed him he was next...we aren't friends any more
5) to the world I am a perfect angel. parents set me up with their daughters because I'm such a good respectable kid...then I fuck them....god hates me

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  1. God; does not hate U! U JUST CAN'T HAELP BUT SIN! U've been a good boy for so long that ur tired of tryin to live up too that unrealistic futile routine! Just don't stop counting ur blessings! I have not stopped counting mine!


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