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A wanted woman

1.) I had sex in my best friend's bed with the Guy she has a crush on but I'm gay an I have a girlfriend.

2.) My step dad molested me for 5 years. I never told a soul because he said he would kill me and my family.

3.) I know I am a great fuck but I'm never left satisfied, I want have sex all day an get oral sex from my ex girlfriend, she made me cum about 20 times and It was never enough.

4.) I was raped by two boys when I was kicked out of my Foster parents house at 16, I went to school with one of the boys who did that to me.

5.) I have had comfortable sex with a Guy for the first time, I lost my virginity to the Guy in secret #1 and we are in love and have plans on making a life together, sad part is I'm confused about my sexual preference and I am in love with this Guy an my girlfriend

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