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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not one for vehicular homicide

5) Killing the first time is hard. The second time can haunt you. After that, it merely gets easier.

4) I sincerely doubt any female wants to actually be loved, cared for or cherished. With the exception of a daughter, who seeks only her father's approval, acceptance and reassurance.

3) Just because a girl has large breasts means nothing. 36FFF for example is just a bra size, not intellect. Looks good in porn, sounds like a wonderful fantasy, in real life it means very little.

2) I have never used an auto to injure anyone; and the only passenger who ever got hurt in one of my vehicles was shot, and I wasn't responsible for that.

1) I would dearly love to have a considerate, submissive, 18 year old female around whom I could extend myself to and love and care for. Yeah, and I'll keep playing the lotto in ther meantime.

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