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Religion isn't for everyone

1. I think I love this guy that I don't even know, well not well anyway. He knows I like him and so does our whole school pretty much, but no one knows just how much I really like him/love him? I know it's really creepy, and I don't think anything will ever come out of it, but we talk online a lot and I care about him way too much. He's a senior and I'm a freshman, which is one of the many reasons why it'll most likely not work out. But for some reason I keep trying.
2. Sometimes I wish my grandpa would just die already. That sounds horrible, but he seems really unhappy and my mom is really unhappy because she has to take care of him all the time, so I wish he was happy and in a better place.
3. I think way more highly of my dad than I do of my mom.
4. I obsess over things way too easily, like I go through stages where I'm obsessed with weird stuff. Not really a secret, since I talk about whatever I'm obsessed with at the time to the point it drives people nuts. I think I might have some sort of psychological problem that causes that. I know I have ADD, but I'm thinking it's something more than that.
5. I find it really hard to be a Christian. I believe in God, consider myself a Christian, and I go to a church camp. Whenever I go I always come back a hardcore Christian, but it always fades away no matter what happens. I'm beginning to think I'm not meant for religion of any kind, which I know doesn't make sense. I just think that a lot of stuff in the Bible isn't true, which blocks my faith in God a lot.

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