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What a difference a day makes

1.  Sometimes I like to lookat male homosexual porn in order to cum while "flying solo".  I'm a married mother of one... I am terrified that there is something really wrong with me and I should find out what that is.

2.  I love my husband but am scared that the only good times we have are when we are both under the influence of a mind- altering substance, even though I constantly try and remind myself that that is just simply not true.

3.  A few years ago I found out my friends husband was hitting her and I am 90% sure he still is.  The worst feeling in the world is that I can't save her.  I'm terrified that she's as good as dead.  She won't listen to me...

4.  Something that scares me more than anything is random acts of violence.   I would rather be burned alive or beaten mercilessly than to wind up as part of a terrorist attack or a shooting.  Movie theaters are hard for me to sit in because everytime I am in one,  a nasty daydream will flash through my head.

5.  Though 9 years ago now,  the images of people hurling themselves out of the Twin Towers on september 11, 2001 haunt me.  Those photos will be forever in mind and can't even imagine the desperation those people felt.  I guess I am generally a fearful person of things I can not control...

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