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Sweet sweet fantasy

I think of having sex with my husband's brother. I know he has a big Dick you could see the shape of it through his pants, (yummy) I know he will enjoy it because there is so much chemistry between us plus his girlfriend is such a bitch, I think I should have been with him instead of my boring ass husband.

Sometimes I feel like having a threesome with a girl and my husband, my husband has a big Dick too but doesn't really know how to use it, I would like to watch a girl suck my husbands Dick but then again I know that would really ruin our marriage.

I hate my pussy I think it looks ugly but my husband says it's nice and tight, I love sucking his dick some times I feel bad because right after i'm done my kids wanna kiss me and I can't say no I just had daddy's Dick in my mouth.

At work I catch myself looking at guys dicks, I can't help myself but they all look little.

I just got done playing with myself at times my finger feels better than my husbands dick, it feels good whenever I rub or suck my nipples. I know my secrets are just fantasies but who knows, they might just come true one day!!!!!!!!!!

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