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Bet hubby has lots of good dreams

I lie about the number of sex partners I've had I feel if I told anyone the true number they would be disgusted...

my husband's penis is only 4 inchs HARD, it feels ok when we have sex but not compared to everyone else i have slept with in the he cums in less than 1 minute.. every single time.

i have cheated on him with 3 men over our entire marriage because his dick wasn't satisfying me at all, he almost caught me so i stopped...

i masturbate every night while i touch my husbands tiny penis and he never wakes up. and for some reason it REALLY turns me on and i get VERY wet.

i fucked my best friend's boyfriend over 10 times, he was good, almost left her for me but I said i couldn't be with him & just stay with her. i didn't want to ruin our friendship.

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