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Monday, May 10, 2010

A woman scorned

#5. i am a virgin, but i crave heavy petting and passionate kissing. however i just don't want to have sex.

#4. i am attracted to a guy at my work. i felt sad when i got to know he is attached. he is so hot and irresistible. how i wish i could pull him to a corner and make out with him during lunch break.

#3. i want heavy petting with my guys friends that i think are cute and hot. they turn me on sooooooo sooo sooo soooo much! <3

#2. my girlfriends know 70% of what i am doing and judge me as a playgirl. they don't know the real reason why i changed to a girl who's going around breaking guys hearts.

#1. the 30% of the truth is that i am hurt by a fucker and so badly heartbroken that i hate all guys in this world and everytime someone fall in love with me, i will try my fucking best to fucking hurt him or flirt with guys who is attached so i can revenge them.

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