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Translation please, babel isn't cutting it

When I was 7 and I would go to my cousin's house we would do things she would get her teddy bear and stuffed teddy dragon we would get under it and she would bite me ! Bite my chest once my mom saw and asked I just cried because I got nervous ! But she never talked about it again... I just ignore the thought! -I'm 14

When I was in 2nd grade I moved to Connecticut and every time we would come from school my parents wouldn't be home so we would wait outside in the back porch.. once my neighbors. Invited us in and there was this guy this like 16 or 17 year old guy who took me into his room, on his bed and rubbed me and I would like it a lot ! My parents found out and we moved I guess that's why my dad is scared of me going out with guys ....

When I was 10 I started to go out with an 18 year-old and we almost did it if it wasn't because we had to move again!...

When was 11 I went out with one of my cousins again but el estaba mmm de caliente pero le meti cuerno I cheated on him!  I for some reason have an attraction to some of my hot ass cousins

When I was 12 me and my cousin (girl) used to do thinqs while my mom would be away ! It was fun while it lasted !

I love to do freaky thinqs even though its against my religion -christian- I feel so ashamed and I'm scared if I'll get left behind when HE comes but I always ask for forgivness but fall into sins all over again (i'm a girl, 14)

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