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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Confidence doesn't come in a bottle (or a dick)

1. When my first love broke my heart when I was sixteen, I tried to overdose on random pills I found around my house. It didn't work though, it got me high instead. That was the first time I had experienced being high, I tried drugs after that, got addicted and even sold ecstasy. I've been clean for about a year but I'm begging to start again.
2. I never kissed anyone until the age of 15, but since then, I've been with way more people than is good for you.
3. I drink way too much every weekend. I think its because I want to get with more guys to raise my confidence but I have to drink to get myself through it.
4. I'm a vegetarian because when I was 14, somebody beyond brutality kidnapped and killed my dog who happened to be my best friend. I had to see her remains. Since then, I've also been a supporter of anti animal cruelty but one drunk night I let my dog eat me out.
5. I lost my virginity on a drunk night when a so-called friend snuck in and pretty much raped me. He then later told everyone I was an easy whore who sucks every guy's dick. I've never had sex again since then.

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