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Virtual world

#1 i fell in love with a guy over the internet,stupid i know.. especially since i have a long time boyfriend of 6 years that i live with...

#2 the guy on the internet that i fell in love with i used to have phone sex with when my bf wasnt home since he lived a few states away---i came REALLY HARD...

#3 I had this strong long distance relationship with that guy for 7 months without my bf ever knowing, he would go on webcam while we would have phone conversations.
we had some really intimate conversations ans i felt so close to him,  like i could actually feel him next to me when we spoke.
he even sent me his clothes in the mail so i could smell him.
i spoke to his mom over the phone and he even bought me a wedding set.
Thats why i felt i HAD to show him what i really looked like.
i almost left my bf for him when he sent me a ticket to his state.

#4 I lied to him bout what i looked like though and i fell so hard for him that i felt i really needed to show him the real me before i actually took a plane down there to be with him,not the fake pics i was saying was me... he was less than thrilled.
Im not ugly at ALL but the fake pics i had , the chick was a HOTTIE 100%
guess i didnt live up to that girl, even though im a 7 out of a 10.
he was more hurt he said tht he fell in love with a face that wasnt really mine.
He broke my heart that night. my bf even asked why i wouldnt get out of bed and i kept crying, i never told him it was someone i fell in love with that basically broke my heart, he thought i didnt feel good & left it alone.

#5 i miss him ALOT sometimes & I wish i had been honest from the start
he really hurt me more than i want to admit.
it took about 4 months to get over the pain.
looking at his pics and videos he sent me on dvd through the mail
make me sad, yet i dont throw them away, i just keep them hidden.

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