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A sympathetic slap in the face

when I was seven my cousin and I were molested by his best friends 2 older sisters. The game we played was called hideout. they told us that we had to hide in the dark with them and do what they said. Looking back on it its probably the reason why Im the way I am. I cant ever get enough sex. its crazy. Just about all day everyday its what I think about and what I crave. Now most people might say I was  a victim or some shit like that. I dont think so. I have a beautiful family that I love and take care of. and my wife, god bless her. gives me all the sex I need to be happy despite the fact that she doesnt always feel like it. Beside sex is fuckin amazing helps lower cholesterol, increases happiness, and will help in a more fruitful life. so I say thank you to the 2 ladies who opened my eys at an early age.

I love my wife but I still have fantisies about being with other girls. some from my past and some Ive seen just out and about. I wouldnt ever act on it but the thoughts are always there.

I steal food from people at work. I work the night shift so all those fuckheads who leave their food at work keep me well feed. Im about to eat  a pot pie that I took earliar. u would be suprised how much u can save  if u just takes whats left behind.

I am getting sick of all the people who post on this site about how they wish they could die. thats shits fuckin depressing. I understand that life can be hard but that doesnt mean it needs to end. Stop fuckin whinning and trying to take the pussy way out. stand up for urself and take control of the sitiuation. I can say that because I have been through my fair share of shit and one thing that I have learned is that no matter what your problem is. somone always can say they have it worse. U could really be fucked and live in a country like iraq or afghanistan, where woman dont have shit for rights.Or u could live in africa where shit like ethnic cleansing still fuckin happens. So quit bitchin and fuckin do somthin about ur problems. if somone is abusing u, fuck em up call the cops. if that dont work,. . . well lets just sau that there are people who are good at making other people go away.

I cant stand illegals. they come here univited take up jobs, steal shit, then have their fuckin kids here and send them to school and the little fuckers dont speak a word of english. fuck sending them back home I say tell em once then if they get caught again execute their asses.

I know my number 4 sounds coldhearted and mean. but the way I see it is that every person in this country has it 10 times better than anyone else in any other country. just being born here puts u at an advantage.  with as many foriegn nationals and immagrants coming here and making it its hard to believe that someone who was born here cant.

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  1. I 100% agree with your #4 and the bonus explanation. I have a tendency to tell my friends that I'll listen to their repetitive complaints only for so long with a sympathetic ear. After that, do something about it: either change the situation or change the way you think about it.

    It's actually your secret #5 that comes across as a bit harsh: I can understand the frustration, but execution... really?


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