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1. When I'm dating a dude I crave pussy, when I date a chick I crave cock. Tried to have an open relationship, but couldn't be unfaithful. I often wonder if I'll ever find happiness.
2. I want to be on The Training of O so I can finally have someone properly dominate me. I want to serve, be a used fuckslut, be humiliated, and finally be properly whipped, cropped and spanked.
3. Best sex I ever had was with someone who never told me he was married. I hate his guts, but would love to fuck his brains out again. Don't think I'll ever find a cock like his ever again... not too big or long, definately not too small and had an awesome big mushroom head.
4. If I ever break up with the person I'm with now, I'm so going to sleep with a lot of people. I love to show off my oral skills, heard I'm the best at giving head on men and women... deep throating cocks turns me on and a tongue that guarantees women orgasm makes me so wet and happy. Men love that I can flex my vag muscles and can ride them hella sexy like and not in the boring up and down way.
5. I'm almost 30, and no person has EVER made me come. Sad right? Sort of, but I've only had 2 not so good sex experiences. I enjoyed every person I've been with and every once in awhile I'll smile at the hot sexy times.

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