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What doesn't kill you...

1) I wish I was done with school. It's just so stressful. Like right now, I'm in the middle of a Living Museum project worth over 400 points. I just can't deal with the stress anymore.

2) I hate my family. I mean, I love them, but if something bad were to happen to me, I wouldn't be able to just come home and say, "I love you guys. Thanks for being there." It's just too weird.

3) I hate overly-happy people. They're just too happy and peppy. I wish I could go up to one of them, punch them in their face and say "Nobody can EVER be that happy so shut your f*cking face."

4) Everything in my life is going to hell. My parents are separating, my mom got diagnosed with cancer in January, and everything isn't going right. It's just, I don't even know.

5) The guy I like broke my heart so many times. I keep crawling back for more, though. I even started cutting myself because of him. I just... can't get over him. Even if he broke my heart, I still love him with all the little pieces. Once a heart is broken, it'll never be the same.

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