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Hi All --

Today I got a submission from a former poster. It's not secrets and so normally I would put it up on the discussion board instead, but I was happy to get it and wanted to share it with you all too.

* i posted here few weeks ago saying i always deny the fact that need a guy in my life even though i know i really do. The website owner said TAKE OFF THE MASK
* i did take my mask off, started hanging out with this coworker whos been asking me out for months. I always ignored him cuz of my picky nature n cuz i have so called high standards
* i didnt know what was i missing, hes amazing in bed, very respectful, funny and nice.. we dont have any plans yet but i looooove spending time with him and so does he. I guess thats what matters
*my secrets are not really secrets but id really want to tell all girls out there that being in a healthy open relationship wont make you the stereotypical whore. Its just making smart choice. Every body is not ready for  a relationship but you cant deny the fact that you need some sort of companionship
*thanks to this website's owner, im sooooo much happier, focused in school and work.

I am always happy to hear from fans of the site or app who say they love the site, but knowing that the site makes even a small positive difference means a lot to me. Thanks to this reader/poster and to you all.


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