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Hi All--

I am so cool that I spent my entire Friday night working on the site. It now has a new, more polished look, a FAQ for the curious, and an updated submission form.

Due to popular demand, the submission form has been changed to include a field that will allow those of you who would like to talk or answer questions about your submissions to leave your discussion forum ID. The forum allows users to contact each other publicly via the regular forums, send private messages to each other, and do a whole bunch of other stuff that I still haven't messed with very much. It's really more like a whole social networking site than just a forum. Unlike the original forum, this site gives users tons of options to control how much or how little information other users can see. You can tell your whole life story on a profile or have basically no information at all, and of course you're welcome to make up a fake name or whatever.

Go check it out and start talking to each other instead of leaving random messages in the submission box for me to find and feel guilty for not posting on the main site.

That's it. Have fun.


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