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Stuck in the middle

1. I live with my ex... well I callhim my ex and he tells ppl we are figuring things out, but we are not i really hate being around him it almost sickening!

2..I lost a very close friend amost a month ago and it hurt more than anything when I'm alone I cry...a lot! A few years ago we were never apart and things changed and we started to drift apat....I miss him and all the fun we use to have! after my friend died I started spending a lot of time with another friend who I had lost touch with and we hang out at least 2 times a week and things are be coming weird to say the least... we agreed that we would just be friends and nothing would happen. But whan u lay in someones bed laught, cry, and take apar life its hard not to want the one person that makes u feel normal...

4....if one of us have been drinking we text eachother how we really feel about other, but the next day we act like nothing was said or done. Its so annoying because I know what I said and I know this is how I. Feel and I know ts the same for him.. but we had an agreement right??

5.....this one is no secret but I love this site I love reading thing by other people who some have the same secrets as me... thanks K your the greatest!

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