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Stacy's mom has got it goin' on

-I hate my job I hate my manager I hate my coworker he sucks at making sandwhiches. (I work at Subway...Eat Fresh )
- I go to summer skool and the people here are idiots i guess I'm the same cuz I'm only here cuz I didn't feel like doin my physics work so I have to get my credit.
- I hate my other coworker jonny, he's gay and he likes being gay, I just wanna stab him in the freakin eye. He needs to know that this world is all about pussy money weed, he apparently is missing out.
- I wish I could fuck every pretty female that goes into my job to order a sandwhich.
- I'm a music artist and one of my goals is to make it huge and fuck Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Vida Guerra, Stacys Mom, and Trina.

[Note from Admin: Sorry for removing some of these, but otherwise I would have had to reject. You still had 5 actual secrets so I just took out the rest of the stuff. And thanks @ the 'secret' about me, ha ha.]

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