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1. Deep inside I want to have a stable long and loving relationship with somebody
 And I can b the best girlfriend in the world, but all that happens is tht I end up just hooking up with someone and then they break my heart.

2. I think that marijuana should b legal bcus its absolutely wonderful, if alcohol is legal which is way more dangerous and intoxicating, then so should weed! Its all about politics!

3. I'm horny 24\7. I've only told a couple people that but its great tht u can't tell wen girls are horny lol. I had a bf one time and he actually would get mad cus he said I wanted sex all the time. Lol I thought guys loved sex and we were so in love too. I want to b with and fall in love with a guy tht loves sex as much as me lol

4. I'm white and I really get turned on by sexy mexican boys..I think thts one of my fettishes, I mean thers beautiful guys of any race and I usually go for cute white boys and mexicans but thers somethin about those smokin hot spainard and mexican boys tht really turn me on!

5. I'm really in love with insane clown posse. Their music is hypnotyzing and gives me goose bumps everytime I listen to it. Anyone reading this should listen to the song 3 rings by me its an absolute masterpiece. I also have a tattoo on my back of a purple hatchetman with a black spiral behind it in love for them <3 I would do violent j and shaggy I love them so much they are geniuses lol.

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