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Because this isn't

#1 fuck-fact is back here again. why my post is weird and cannot be post at here?! but i am happy at the same time becus it is the 1st weirdest entry ever at forum

#2 fuck-fact there is this bitch at my workplace hooking up a cutie guy that i have on crush for a long time !!!!!!

#3 fuck-fact people around you act smart by assuming things that will happen to you or assuming what will you said, and when you blame them, they fuck you upside down claiming its your fucking fault. FML.

#4 fuck-fact i think i am mentally crazy SOON because when i am carrying my friend's baby, i feel like throwing the baby down the building.

#5 fuck-fact i am so badly want to hook up on my boss because he is so freaking handsome!! but how!

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