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My parents had and raised 6 kids. They were drug addicts or abusive...not poor but middle class. All 6 of except one still live with mom and dad. Along with our this 3 bedroom house there's a total of 11 of us. Ages ranging from 29 to 1. I ofyen wonder where we all went wrong

I'm 27 and I'm barely trying to get my life started...its all because of my baby girl. I don't want to be like my sisters abd have mom and dad end up raising their kids so they can go get high and party. And I sure don't want to raise her in this house with all these bad foul mouth kids with no matters.

I do get my own room that I share with my daughter its a descent size. I'm glad I don't have to share with anyone else. Maybe its cause I buy groceries, pay for the cable, clean. And babysit while mom and dad work. My 2 sisters don't do shit. That's why its sofa city for them.

Mom and dad are old and I feel bad cause they raised their there stuck raising their grandkids. There's 5 of them. I take care of my kid though. But mom wakes up early to make sure their showered and dressed for school while their lazy ass moms sleep in and don't do shit.

I feel sad cause I know my parents expected more out of all of us.

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