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Life in The City

1) I'm 21 I don't know why but alot of underage girls want me to fuck dem
2) I would do all of them if I knew for sure dey won't tell anyone
3) I love new York but it's way to hard to live here
u have to have a fulltime job and sell drugs just to survive
4) I never want to leave Williamsburg I just wanna move from the pjs to a condo overlooking the manhattan skyline
5) I always wanted to know the answer to this:
how come most girls I talk to wanna get "raped"
and dats one of their fantasy
I know it's not a cowinkadink
since my friends b tellin me stories about girls that want that
admin if u find da answer let me know

ps I think alot of ppl that post here should get checked for stds I know I do =]


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  1. illuminati? all the exclamation points make this sounds like a war cry, but given your reflections on living in the projects etc, it seems unlikely that you would consider yourself a part of the illuminati... unless we're talking about a different kind of illuminati... ??


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