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Bigger isn't always better

I'm a girl who likes watching lots of porn even though I work in an "adult" job (I'm not an escourt). I love facials, bukkake, rape, reality porn of girls being humiliated, hentai, and I have a huge fetish for videos of sluts wetting their leggings or tight jeans. You could say I'm obsessed with porn....but its a huge turn off and. deal breaker if a guy is obsessed with it. Very hypocritical of me considering I fucking love getting off to it and its my job....but its how I feel.        

As far as real fucking goes....I hate big huge cocks actually. I mean really, my hooha is not some gigantic cavern.  I'm 5'8" and normal weight so not insanely tiny or petite's smaller than that, and you think I'm oh so excited to have you jackhammer my insides with your 9 inches?  Sorry but no, give me 5 inches attached to a guy who has decent stamina and I'm happy.

I used to steal and use my moms vibrators when I was in junior high. I always cleaned them before and after but it's still probably pretty gross. I was just sooooo horny back then and didn't know how to masturbateto orgasm with just my fingers yet. The only other thing I could get off with was the massaging shower head and yes, I took 3 showers and day and sometimes that wasn't enough...hence the borrowed vibrators.                                    

I give such good blowjobs those lucky enough to get them often assume I'm a slut. I suppose they are not wrong in a sense. I love sex, especially oral.'s hot that people get turned on by the sex secrets. I'll be masturbating to the site later...                                        

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