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No shame in getting help

The last time I posted on this site I said that I would try and stop cheating on my wife. I have since slept with 2 other women. I dont know why I do it. The sad part is, I dont really feel bad about it.

I think that I am no longer in love with her. but I do still care for her a great deal. I dont think I could just leave her either.

 I hate  the fact that I want to get back into shape but just cant seem to get up off my ass. I told myself that I would start workin out again. that was about 6 monthes ago. I have since gained about 12 pnds.

I really wanna fight sombody. I want the chance to just destroy somones face. Only problem is Im too much of a chicken shit to actually go out and start a fight with anyone. I know I can fight its just I was raised not to start anything and to turn the other cheek. I just want someone to really piss me off so I can let out about 12 years of built up stress and anger.

I rweally hope I can get back on track with my wife. If she ever found out about what I was doing it would destroy her. and I dont want that to happen. Maybe I shoould see a shrink.???

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