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Books are less complicated

1. I am going to have my quinceanera in less than a week but I am not looking forward to it that much mainly because I feel kind of bad (considering the recession shit and money issues my family has been going through) they are putting money aside for things I didn't even know were needed. Technically I was supposed to have had it like a year and a couple of months ago. I'm already 16 and 3 months have passed since.
2. I think that things like the porn industry, prostitution, stripping, etc. are some of the most degrading things for women and it sickens and angers me that the media glorifies it. But that still doesen't stop me from watching porn in my phone when I'm horny though. It (in a way) luckily is losing its effect because I am more turned on by more seductive and loving (which considering I am a girl is obvious) things insted of seeing someone get fucked.
3. I absolutely love to masturbate. I have quite a few sexual fantasies some include having a threesome with either 2 guys or girls or both. I get so wet thinking of a big and strong young man with pretty eyes on top of me almost crushing me while he's inside of me.
4. I'm really comfortable with my body now. Before I used to hate my body but now I love it after some harsh years and 3 little (bearly) visible scars on my wrist. I may not be 110 pounds but I'm not 200 either. Heck, I love my vagina!
5. I really don't have any friends. Sometimes it does bother me but when I get the courage to talk to my peers (teenagers) 99.9% of the time it reminds me why I don't chose to have them as friends but rater keep them as acquaintances and classmates. Most of the time I prefer books to people.

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