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I think you must be talking to someone else

1. I am gay and proud, but have never been happy with anyone. Then I found you in August, two days before my 18th birthday. Something about you, just wanted me to love you forever. After moving in together, getting our own things and me taking care of you for seven months wasn't bad, but it did get annoying. But after you cheated on me, I feel like a piece of shit. We moved way to fast with things, and we never saw our true sides after only dating for 2 months and moving in together. But after the truth came out, and I kicked you out I miss you like fucking crazy. I cannot move on with someone else, because I truly miss you and do love you, even though you never loved me. I could not picture myself moving out of this town without you. I wish you knew that I need you, but you will never need me. And for that I hate you, but yet still fucking love you like crazy.
2. I put on a fake smile everyday, and laugh at things; but in all reality I need to cry to someone. And every time I see your friends or family I let them know I have moved on and make sure they never know how I truly feel.
3. I hate the way I look, after the mental abuse as a kid and the lies from you and all the other losers I dated; I think I am not good enough for anybody. Who wants a gay man that is 18 with a little extra skin? I think I am nice, and caring but everyone else wants sex.
4. If it wasn't for this I probably wouldn't be as strong as the person I know I am becoming. I choose to work a lot of hours and never be in town, because I do not want to see you anywhere I go. My friends don't know the past, and you asked me and I told you and took you there. For that I feel ashamed because you really know me.
5. I just want your attention, and to come home to your kiss and arms.

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