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Boyfriend's got a secret

I think my boyfriend is bi. He loves fingers up his ass and he don't know it but I always see him checking out guys. Shit I just wish he would tell me we could hook up a 3 some wit a dude..

I am a nympho I think about sex all day every day  I can't get enough..

I have been fucked over soo many times by men and everybody and it has caused me to have the worst trust issues..I really wish my past could be erased and I could live a normal life and be in a normal relationship without always thinkin I'm gonna get fucked over.

I have ocd..and no one knows. I have to constantly count and touch things.. it drives me crazy but I have to do it. I hide it very well.

My family is so messed up..from alcoholics to rapists and everywhere in between. It pisses me off how fucked up they are. All the bullshit I had to go through wasnt necessary. I do everything in my power to make sure my kids never have to go through anything like I did. They mean the world to me

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