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A changed woman

1. A lot of the secrets on this site, posted by the women, say how she loves to be dominated. There are also a lot of secrets posted about how she wants to be raped, or how rape turns her on. I understand that people have different fantasies and different views on things, but I cannot imagine how being raped, being disrespected, hurt, taken advantage of, and abused could ever turn anyone on.

2. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half now. We're both only 19, but we plan to get married after we finish school, or as soon as we can make it work without being in a financial hardship for the first years. To be honest, I could care less if we married. As long as I am with him, I will be happy.

3. He was my first boyfriend. He definitely doesn't carry my virginity around, though. I have had sex with 22 males and 3 females, my boyfriend being the 22nd male. I don't plan for there to be a 23rd. I used to be so disgusting. I would have sex with just about any guy I had a chance with. It truly disgusts me.

4. When I fell in love with my boyfriend, I lost all the "naughty" aspects of myself. When it came to sex, I was very timid and insecure. I suppose because he is the first guy whose opinion actually mattered. I care about what he thinks of me. It took me over a year to let him go down on me. Everything was always simple, I would go down on him, and we would have sex in the missionary position. He has been so patient with me, though. He would ask to try new things, and if I said no, he wouldn't force me, or be mad. Instead, he would tell me how much he loved me no matter what, and why he wanted to do it, and would wait until I was ready. He is truly beautiful. I can't imagine being dominated by him, I actually love when he stops in the middle of sex because he thought he's hurt me, or something, it just shows me that he cares.

5. I am disgusted by other guys. I cannot stand to be touched or hugged, etc., by other guys. Its not that I find them unnatractive, but just the thought of being the tiniest bit intimate with someone besides who my heart belongs to sickens me. If I lost him, I can honestly see myself never dating anyone else.

PS: I'm not sure how I wanted this to come off. Not really a lovey dovey post, or a hate post. I've posted on this site before, and it seems like all five secrets have a theme, or something that you can pinpoint to make a title out of, Admin. I'll stump you one day, but for now I'm just like everyone else who wants a place to brag about their boyfriend without anyone knowing who they are to judge them as an obsessive creep. There's a difference between love and obsession. Passion is when you feel them both.

[Note from Admin: I get stumped all the time, but all the posts end up with some kind of title anyway...]

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