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What's so great about having a career?

1) I love dressing sexy. I know it pisses other women off (can't deny enjoying that) and makes men look at me as just a slut or a plaything but I don't care. I enjoy it. Not all women who show off their bodies are doing it out of insecurity...some of us just like to be eye candy. I may look like a bimbo or a slut or a gold digger or whatever you want to call it but I'm not...I've not slept with nearly as many people as a majority of my covered up conservative prissy friends. They have their way...I have mine...

2) I had sex while doing acid once. Wayyyyy overrated, acid sex and acid its-self (I'm so not cool enough to appreciate anything but pot) but my boyfriend loved it though so I enjoyed making him feel awesome but for me it was just meh, he talks about it all the time and I just smile and nod. I don't wanna tell him I would have rather been watching a movie or listening to music or something.

3) While house sitting for my parents I had sex in their bed like 4 times over the weekend with 2 different guys (not at the same time). It was fun until the 2nd guy decided he would try to choke me and put it in my ass without asking. Ummm no. Choking was fine...anal was not. My only foray into like sleeping around. I was supposedly dating guy 1 and cheating on him with guy 2 but than I dropped them both for guy 3, my current boyfriend. Guy 1 was a spoiled little rich boy and guy 2 was an arrogant military guy so messing with their heads was mean but fun. But I wouldn't do it again...

4) I'm biracial (white and black) but I always pass for white because its easier and this is why; I find myself being embarrassed trying to explain my heritage because it should not be an issue, who cares? I'm a human being...beyond that I see no need for classification. I'm also equally embarrassed of both black and white people in their attitudes on race and they way so many seem to stereotype without any thought.

5) can't say this anywhere because you'll be stoned to death but being a stay at home mom is NOT a job. It's perfectly fine that women choose not to work outside the home and instead raise their kids but don't call it a job because its NOT one...everyone who has kids that live with them "raises" them and most of them have outside jobs too but they don't get to go around saying they have 2 jobs. Not to knock moms who have the luxury of staying home...just the lazy bitches who think squeezing out puppies is as good as a career.

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