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Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

1. I used to love a guy 14 years older than me. I think I still love him but I feel guilty for it because he treats me like shit. I don't exist to him and it tears me apart.
2. My best guy friend was one of the major sources of help when I left the older man. Now I'm treating him like the older man treated me. I feel terrible for it but I can't love him.
3. I'm dying to find out what my best friend says about me behind my back. Little does she know I've been taking all of the important papers from her locker to silently get back at her.
4. I think after I post this I'm gonna need a smoke or two. I need to relax and I can't do that without weed.
5. Our school finals are tomorrow and I have most of the answers on my ipod. Yay for technology these days :)

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  1. I don't know about where you go to school, but here they won't let us have ipods, phones, etc. while taking exams precisely because of people like you. Shame on you. But really, you're doing a disservice to yourself: you'll never know what you can really accomplish if you don't do it on your own.


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