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1. I love my new neighbor. He's my dad's new neighbor since my parents separating. I've known him and his brother nearly my whole life. He's been my crush on again and off again. This summer, I plan to talk to him more and more.

2. I'm 14 and I've never had my first kiss--let alone boyfriend! This summer, I hope to go out with the guy mentioned in number 1. His brother knows I like him and I secretly hopes he tells and he likes me back.

3. I wanna lose my virginity so bad, but I don't wanna risk getting pregnant. I don't what to do about it and... I don't know.

4. I stalk my crushes ex-girlfriends on Facebook to see if their still interested in him. He's kind of a player and I hate it when he talks to other girls just because of how he acts. And they're always so flirty around him, too! It hurts so much to know that he might like somebody that he hardly knows!

5. Music is my only escape. I know other people say that too, but they don't love it as much as I do. I study music when I'm bored. If I could, I would marry music and all my favorite bands.

BONUS; This website is amazing! I use it when I wanna get horny or when I wanna read about anything. I love reading other peoples secrets! I'm addicted to this!

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